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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Where your donations will go - Sendairect.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 8:16am
 So I have been thinking.Just brainstorming at this point but plans are beginning to take root as to where your donations will head. I will be keeping a photojournal ...either as a blog linked here..or as just that...a photojournal here at Facebook set to public view to keep everyone in the loop.
The photos will be of where supplies end up. And a note accompanying each. Ideally I would like to also have a list of numbers and allocate each donater a number so they see exactly who recieved their gift. This would make it more personal.
The next step is to compile a list of firsts..people I know can use help. Several already come to mind. The old lady and her husband who live a few doors down from us who were so good to me and lent me an umbrella in the snow after the first quake when everyone rushed outside. their house has some damage and she has a bad leg and cannot get to the shelter.
Another- the ramen shop owner- a lady whose shop has been badly hit.That was one of our fave places and i went with Fumi many times. I saw her in there cleaning materials are short, maybe some disinfectant and also something for her...she has a teen daughter...we can think.
Another- a friends mother who cannot get to hospital but needs painkillers for a chronic condition. I know for fact she has run out.
Farther afield..I have my bike with some gas/petrol still in. I would like to get to the coast and give some protein bars, some things to eat to peoplethere also far from shelters.
I have many more ideas but this is just to give you all an idea of ideas emerging so far on what would be useful to bring back and where it may go.