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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Indirectly Sendairect: Today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 7:44pm
Today was an amazing day. Things are happening. Delivered a few more store to door happy bags to neighbors and friends here and then got myself somehow attached to a charity.

Donations of clothes were being collected at a hospice where I'm a board member and was attending a meeting. They -the social workers- were discussing going out to the danger zones next week and delivering the clothes to people who have lost their homes. I told them about the $450 I had left from the Sendairect fund and they suggested and offered I came along too and see where that could be used best.

So on Monday I will get in a small bus with them and we will head out to one of the shelters in Wakabayashiku- one of the coastal areas badly hit by the tsunami. The people we will meet there (and hand out clothes to) are homeless. They lost everything in the tsunami. This particular shelter is housing around 300 people I believe. It is one of many.

They are bringing a movie, I suggested Miyazaki's "Arietti" but I'm not sure what they will choose to show and we will distribute clothes and talk to people.

The reason this is so amazing to me is because all the coastal roads are blocked by police. Regular citizens are not allowed near and certainly not able to cross police lines. Because this is an official non profit charity/organization we will be given passes to cross those lines and we will be seeing devestation with our own eyes that inland people have only seen on TV. It is a great chance I think to see where it would be best to use the remainder of our Sendairect fund.

Looking forward to Monday : )

sorting clothes