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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Situation today

Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 9:55am
Letter to Anne.
Back to topic. I agree, the way the CNN behaved initially was a very bad publicity stunt for them and to some people -America. they are back now and I hope all can be reversed in a concentrated effort over there to focus on relief aid getting here asap -the facilities and means are there, it is now all about organization. Japan will run short of food and suplies soon. That is a given. We are going to need International help to aid rebuilding of infrastructure in a very big way.

Thank you for understanding about Polly my dog. I dont think I could live with myself ever if I deserted her, she is 13 years old and part of the family. One friend left Sendai already and is now feeling regret for abandoning doubt this will be another tragedy born of events.

Right now there is a lot of sensationalism going on for commercial greedy ends on the radaition threat and panic is just not helping Japan get back on her feet. I have tried to volunteer but volunteers here are trained and chosen so there is a limit to what I can do...but as for now my boys and me are strong and not with broken bones and will do what we can where we can.

Many thousands of people are leaving. Narita is crammed. At this point as in today we have decided to stay, I have lived here half my life and my kids know nothing else, this is their world and while this was the worst ever, these kids understand quake land better than I do..they went through Jap school and learned the drills.They are not traumatized yet, they certainly would be traumatized going into a whole new non Japanese world and leaving their beloved pets, friends and country.This is another big concern for me with Justin only 2 years out of a serious anxiety-depressive disorder.

I have been in contact with the British embassy, I went and met some last night who advised us to stay. Today a phone call from another section of the embassy advising us to leave. It is all very confusing and I am just trying to keep up to date with info . Waiting for food gets in the way of that! But we are probably okay for today and it is one day at a time here. I was able to get a hot bath and wash my hair at the embassy hotel last night. I was given coffee and sandwhich and able to talk, they are phoning me daily for a bit. Flights home are offered but not at "evacuation" level yet.

Thanks for your wonderful xoxo