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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sendai news today. 21/3/11

 Monday, March 21, 2011 at 8:07am
We are getting updates from friends and my ex all the time. People are still waiting in lines for food. Food is still limited to dry foods and some fruit and vegetables. No meat, protein type foods or fish. Of course no bread or anything that requires water to be made.Water stations have increased which offers more places to get water bringing the stations closer to some people who were walking long distances to collect *no gas for transport ..and carry home their allowances..water is heavy, some people are old or not strong and the weather is cold this is an improvement.

In our area, the higher inland mountainous part that was spared so much, running tap water is expected back on April 1st. It will be cold running water as gas will take 2 or 3 months to get heat it. The gas pipes all over Sendai were seriously damaged and of course need very careful inspection alll along.. every pipe in every street as there were so many gas explosions and consequent fires immediately after the first quake. The horizon from our hill was lit up with fires in fact, and the fire fighters did an absolutely awesome job of controlling them. Every single house remaining must be checked by gas officials before that house can have its gas heat returned. This is what will take time.

Food.. people are able to leave Sendai now in a few local buses a day. People are able to go to cities farther and buy food and bring it back. of course, again, this is for able bodied and active people who are prepared to wait in very very long lines for many hours to get tickets on such a bus.Still no trains the train lines were buckled and wrecked by the quake and will take some time to repair.

Some package delivery is now reaching Sendai. My ex receieved a local package of food from his sister sent from within Japan. Overseas mail still hugely delayed.

The situation in the nuke reactor plants looks very hopeful this morning. Not having to vent more gas means the food chain will not be affected more than it is already...very important since food is a priority here and secondly because rain is due in Sendai today and for the next 3 days. Because radioactive gas rises rain is the enemy as the gas combines and falls into the soil causing toxins that cannot be blown away by wind as it is when the weather is good and thus enter the soil and food chain.

I am very optimistic today. Things are looking up! God bless Japan and its wonderful beautiful people.