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Sunday, 24 April 2011

still in Tokyo 22/3/11 .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:31pm
 We are still here in the motel room. Boys watching Tv and venturing out to watch fashion and browse stores here in Shinjuku/Ikebukuro. Not so many people out and restaurants open but half full- a rare thing to see.

The motel has a hot shower so i have been able to hand wash some clothes and we have been out to pick up food and bring it back here. It is very comfortable if tight. We feel so lucky and so incredibly privelaged to be here and away from the suffering.
But we are going back, of course and soon. Right now the plan is to meet my brother tomorrow and discuss exact plans. Probably we will have to see which day there are buses going into Sendai next with seats for the boys. I am thinking this is probably going to be Saturday 26th.

I know they are longing to see their friends and the pets and as long as they have food and water it is possible, rather than the orginal plan to stay with brother south of Tokyo. It will make them strong and they will need to use some survival skills but it is a good learning experience for them to do this.

There is no gas. So, no heating downstairs and no hot or cold water. No water at all.They will have the packages from Australia waiting :) These will be re delivered on a day we choose. They say i can do it by phone.They will have to line up for farther food and water rations daily ofcourse. Hopefully the cold weather spell improves. Their Father can assist them until 30th when he has been called up for SDF/ army rescue help until the 5th.

It is so nice to be able to rent this computer and just be back in touch with everyone. I have been IM Skyping Fumi as usual several hours every morning and evening. He has been with me in spirit and words every moment. He knows exactly what is going on in every detail, it has been so good to share every detail with him, like he lived with me through this, bless the internet for that! When we had the power cut for those 3 or 4 days, he messaged me every few hours and all the messages were there waiting for me through tears when i finally got internet back. I love him so much.
During that time Helen phoned me and was able to get in touch with Fumi to tell him we were safe, as did, later,another girlfriend here in Tokyo. He has been so stressed, so worried and he has i know sacrificed precious time and maybe grades as he has essay deadlines for his degree and couldnt focus on them well lately.

Anyway. My ticket still stands for Tuesday next arriving late 29th in New York, returning 7th April. So lucky I had that booked. I hear, even though the nuke situation seems less fearful many are still lined up for cancellations at Narita. I let my re entry visa expire so need to get to the airport a whole day early as I hear lines take that long to get visas stamped.
When i get to Fumis I can clear my head. I plan to start a blog and track how we can go back into the community and help in small ways. It will be nothing grand and miracle like at all, just hoping to do something, see some smiles. Fumi is already thinking what would be useful and how to pack it, so practical and helpful <3

Huge quakes and aftershocks continue to rock the city here, it is so scary still.

More soon and again thank you for being here and talking and supporting us <3 <3