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Sunday, 24 April 2011

tokyo today .19/3/11

Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 11:52am
we decided to take the second last bus out of sendai offered by the British Embassy yesterday. me and boys are at a hotel in Tokyo now paid for by the embassy for 2 days with food. I have had to leave pets can imagine how much this is absolutely shattering me to the core. I left a message for my ex husband who is stil in Sendai and wil stay there, to feed them at least : (

More bitter news,in my haste to get us packed to leave our wounded home I left my computer recharger cable behind. Here I have access..from now who knows..if I cant speak to Fumi I will not be able to function...our IM chats are holding me together...anyway ..again thankyou all for your wonderful comments and support <3 Please help us stay positive.

As of today there is NO more transport in and out of Sendai. Lord knows when we can get back.I cannot bring myself to think about the friends I have stil there, the community of people I vowed to support. I want to return and help out so bady but everything rests now on the Fukushima outcome.

I have a good friend here in Tokyo who I am in touch with. My brother returns to Tokyo on Tuesday ( he lives here). He had been away at the time of the quake. He wants to come back to hep me with the boys...amazing man. We are hoping things are stable till then and we can discuss what to do next. It is one day at a time here. Fights all booked out for weeks. I do have a flight for me...on the 29th booked for Fumis. Booked before the quake. waiting list is over 100 peope for it.

Please dearest friends stay positive for us. Send us cheering news however small. Keep up our spirits. We need you.