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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tsunami waves reached 40 feet.

The March 11 tsunami waves reached 40 feet. The waves came in with such force and power as to suck out the roots and foundations of million ton weight buildings, homes and factories. The waves swallowed up whole houses and smashed their contents into rubble; people and furniture broken into pieces beyond recognition. Heavy items like cars were sucked away in a vortex to be spewed back and sunk in muddy remains, piled in ugly random positions like on rooftops or inside the bones of a house. Lighter items were not returned..and some bodies and pieces of buildings were washed out with the current around and down the coast into radioactive sea waters near Fukushima. These bodies rotted before they could safely be recovered.

These swallowed buildings were not on the beach by any means, many stood as far inland as 10 kms (6 miles)..the waves came in fast and steady and that far. The waves came in like an ocean monster's vomit and then sucked back everything in their wake. If you looked back when running and could see a wave you knew you were too close- it was that fast and that devastating.

We drove along the road in the rain that lies parallel to the cut off point of the waves. Behind it..nothing and in front random destruction..some houses without roofs, others still intact. The waves came inland in ghastly frills so one neighbor was spared ..while a whole street of other neighbors adjacent lost their lives and their homes to the oceans sucking monstrous flooding.

Nobody was anywhere to be seen. It was an empty film set. Ghostly carnage. There are no words that convey enough fear and sadness  for the dirt and mud and rubble we saw that stretches for miles and miles everywhere you look. It wrenches your soul from your body and sends electric shocks through every single nerve. A roof sitting in the center of the road, a tree with a pair of child's pyjamas wrapped around, a bath tub filled with mud. Everywhere there is a weirdness, a horrible disrespect.

There were a few army (SDF) trucks -at most three trucks we spotted, that is all. The only people we saw were a couple of white plastic coated traffic diversion police wearing masks and white gloves like in a Biohazard movie...nobody is allowed here. There is the risk of disease from the rotting bones and animals left decaying in the mud. Even the birds had gone and not a sound in the sky but the soft  grey crying of the rain.

Pictures explain everything better ; we took the pictures below in memory through a rain splashed windscreen.

 The whole world needs to see these pictures lest we ever dare forget.