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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Feeling scared. So many lies and cover ups. As usual to do with money and greed. TEPCO are a bunch of liars and I feel very disappointed with the lack of truth. 3 workers have died at the plant now ...who knows how many more will sacrifice their lives. 100km is estimated to be danger zone by many top analysts in the nuclear industry and we are exactly there at 100km from the plant. Not evacuation zone, but danger zone at 66% risk of cancer in the next 10 years with sustained dosage if we stay that long. An olympic swimming pool size amount of radioactive water has leaked under reactor #1. Ground water spillage of nuclear contaminents could be and look to be the worst in atomic history. Greenpeace ship has been forbidden to take ocean water readings..well that says enough..

I am stuck in a rut. No money to get out, but a job that pays me exceptionally well here. Its all about money...for everyone..not health or sanity. Feeling very depressed today. If I was alone it would all be so easy but i have two kids with lives, friends, school and who dont speak much English- to think about. This has been their home all their lives, I have some tough decisions ahead. i don't know if I can stay here more than this year..I am feeling very weary of this stress.