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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Back to work.

A message (from admin) on my desk today read "Some students suddenly dropped out of school but their names may still be in your roll book". : ( 

I couldn't read the roll. I had students write their names on a piece of paper instead and later I will check them off on the official roll and see which names are missing. It's so sad.

But when I look at the rows of eager, smiling students' faces I know that these students need the normality of class and schedule and learning. That mourning and sadness has to be sectioned off and separated from school and the curriculum. That the normality of school is an important part of healing for us all. I love my students. I love their belief and trust in me. I want to do my best for them and be part of that healing.

School is getting busy. I think I am going to hand over the rest of the shelter fund Sendairect money to the volunteers I worked with and let them use it in the best way. I am sure this will be as the poll results dictate...and I will keep you all informed.