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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Salience networking related to handedness.

Differences in being left hand dominated and right hand dominated can be a starting point in evaluating cerebral dominance, behavioral-cerebral correlations and inter and intra-hemispheric meshing. The neuron system in patients with neuro psychiatric disorders is responsive in differing pathways depending on handedness, clearly seen in brain saliencing networks when given the same behavioral tasks. If we can trace handedness related  neural pathway variations, it is one way drugs can be more precisely prescribed for the millions of sufferers who are not experiencing effective relief from symptoms.
A second way to map the fundamental cause of brain disease is to take the theory that neural stem cells mature certain brain cells too early and this early maturity is triggered by extreme stress at a crucial moment in  adolescent brain development. This then affects how those cells are merged  in the cellular network and may cause blocks. In order to put this theory into practice, we can follow a sample group of adolescents with mental health disorders of any kind in their immediate family in a “diary plus brain map” experiment to establish  data that could be used to taxonomize prevailing factors and exact times where young adults and brain development are most vulnerable.