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Thursday, 1 September 2011

In America

I've been in the US for almost 2 weeks and won't be home till Sept 14th. This is a long time away, the longest in years. I miss my home but it is also good to be away and see things objectively. And good to get extended time with Fumi.I flew to Detroit and waited there 6 hours for a connection which was delayed, I go back via LAX . Hurricane Irene passed through this part of CT with little after effect in this area except a power outage of 2 days. New York Manhattan island has seen some serious flooding though and other areas around here are still without power. After the earthquake/tsunami where we had no water, gas, power for almost a month, it seems minimal damage. Attack from under and over and all sides beats us down harder than just from the air.The number of stressors add up.

I feel like a tourist in America, still don't understand the money and need help with the coins. My accent is not understood sometimes, ways of doing things and appropriate manner/s are different here.

When I go back, I go straight back to work and will also find out soon if I got an interview for either of the two jobs I applied for. Time here is an escape from that reality. Shiver.